Policing and detention

PIAC is committed to making our systems of detention fairer and to ensuring that any limits placed on an individual’s freedom of movement are justifiable. Read more 

Latest News

Challenge continues to excessive bail compliance checks 21 Mar 2019

PIAC’s challenge to the power of NSW police officers to conduct bail compliance checks without a Court order continues, with the NSW Court of Appeal setting aside the December 2018 decision of the District Court. The Court of Appeal decided...

Court win stops excessive and invasive police checks

7 Dec 2018

In a significant decision handed down on Tuesday, the District Court of NSW has confirmed that NSW Police do not...

Police powers: hearing today on excessive ‘bail compliance checks’

29 Nov 2018

PIAC is challenging in court the powers of police to conduct ‘bail compliance checks’ at people’s homes without a court...

Calls for greater transparency and accountability for secret ‘STMP’ policing policy and its impact on young people

21 Sep 2018

PIAC has welcomed calls by a NSW Parliamentary Committee for greater transparency and accountability in relation to the way the...

Bungled police response leaves DV victim behind bars

17 May 2018

PIAC has commenced proceedings against NSW police and corrective services over the mishandling of a domestic violence case that saw...

About this project

Government accountability is a core public interest issue for PIAC. The exercise of police power has been a focus of our work, particularly in relation to vulnerable people such as children, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people.

PIAC holds police accountable, including through litigation, to challenge inappropriate, unlawful or unjust treatment. Supported by an innovative pro bono partnership with Allens, PIAC represents clients in claims of false imprisonment, assault, battery, malicious prosecution and trespass against the NSW Police Force arising from:

  • unlawful arrests including unlawful arrest for breach of bail;
  • unlawful stop and searches, including strip searches;
  • unlawful entry by police onto property for bail compliance checks;
  • unlawful searches or home visits under Suspect Target Management Plans.


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