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Promoting equality and combating discrimination are fundamental to the protection of human rights in Australia. Read more 

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Ending school uniform discrimination 30 May 2017

Following a discrimination claim against John Palmer Public School, a Sydney mum, Melissa Mibus, is calling on the NSW Department of Education to require all public schools to provide pants and shorts options for girls as part of their official...

Travel insurance providers remove mental health illness exclusions

5 Jul 2017

‘Some of Australia’s largest insurance providers have revised travel insurance policies that have long contained blanket exclusions for mental health...

Cover-More: breakthrough in battle to end mental illness travel insurance discrimination

5 Jul 2017

PIAC has welcomed changes to Cover-More Australia’s international travel insurance cover which signal a big step forward in the battle...

Sydney mum shows who wears the pants, winning school uniform battle with her daughter’s school

6 Jun 2017

‘A SYDNEY mother has won a battle to get her school to provide pants for girls, as the education minister...

'If I could say one thing' - mental health and insurance

3 May 2017

Nearly half of us will experience a mental illness at some point in our life. Despite the prevalence of these...

About this project

PIAC protects human rights in Australia by promoting equality and combating discrimination.

Our recent work has focused on systemic discrimination against people with a disability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

PIAC has had particular success working with people with a disability to achieve accessible services, such as public transport, education, insurance, media and online services.