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L- R Jonathon Hunyor, PIAC; Stephanie Cousins, Amnesty International; Anna Talbot, Australian Lawyers Alliance; Burhan Zangana, Refugee Communities Advocacy Network, Refugee Council of Australia; Tim O’Connor, Refugee Council of Australia; Senator Linda Reynolds, Senator for Western Australia; Roxanne Moore, Amnesty International; Sahar Okhovat, Refugee Council of Australia.

Our submission on 18C 10 Feb 2017

PIAC’s CEO, Jonathon Hunyor, has appeared before the federal Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights as part of its inquiry into federal protections against racial discrimination and the complaint handling procedures of the Australian Human Rights Commission. PIAC appeared alongside...

Making train travel easier for people with low vision

20 Oct 2016

Three years after Graeme Innes’ high-profile case against RailCorp in relation to the audibility of ‘next stop’ announcements on trains,...

Stop insurance discrimination against people with mental health conditions

13 Oct 2016

Joint media release with beyoneblue and Mental Health Australia. How many more concessions and delays does the insurance industry want...

Childbirth not the same as 'buying a bag of chips': disability discrimination case

25 Aug 2016

The decision of a judge to dismiss a disability discrimination case which he described as a “trifle” and “nothing more...

Calls for legislative change to increase audio description

28 Jul 2016

PIAC has called for changes to the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (Cth) to make TV accessible to the more than...

About this project

PIAC protects human rights in Australia by promoting equality and combating discrimination.

Our recent work has focused on systemic discrimination against people with a disability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

PIAC has had particular success working with people with a disability to achieve accessible services, such as public transport, education, insurance, media and online services.