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Promoting equality and combating discrimination are fundamental to the protection of human rights in Australia. Read more 

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'If I could say one thing' - mental health and insurance 3 May 2017

Nearly half of us will experience a mental illness at some point in our life. Despite the prevalence of these conditions, discrimination against people with mental illness remains widespread, particularly when it comes to insurance. For years we have worked...

Time to catch up on audio description for TV

2 May 2017

Australia likes to think of itself as an inclusive country. In the last ten years, we have taken big steps...

Voting rights: making polling places accessible to all

24 Mar 2017

If you have a mobility disability and have had trouble accessing a polling booth in your electorate, PIAC wants to...

Many of us don't even know we have life insurance. Often it's worthless.

7 Mar 2017

Welcome news: 18C report confirms no need for substantive change

1 Mar 2017

The report of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights in relation to federal protections against racial discrimination and the...

About this project

PIAC protects human rights in Australia by promoting equality and combating discrimination.

Our recent work has focused on systemic discrimination against people with a disability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

PIAC has had particular success working with people with a disability to achieve accessible services, such as public transport, education, insurance, media and online services.