Related Project: Homelessness

August 4, 2016

Group photo StreetCare members

In 2009 HPLS established its homeless consumer advisory committee, StreetCare. While homeless advisory groups existed in Queensland and Victoria, no equivalent body had ever been set up in NSW. 

StreetCare gives homeless people a direct say in policy development. The group provides input into PIAC’s  policy work and submissions. StreetCare also provides advice to government agencies on policies relating to homelessness and housing, as well as giving assistance on how best to consult with homeless people.

StreetCare is made up of nine people who have recent experience of homelessness. The members reflect the diversity of homelessness in New South Wales, and include men, women, transgender people, young people, and representatives from inner Sydney, outer suburbs and rural and regional areas.

StreetCare also provides a mechanism for HPLS to engage actively with other people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, to facilitate their input into public policy and law reform initiatives.

Meet the StreetCare members

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