Sri Lanka: The conflict mapping & archive project

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November 23, 2017

Photo: Flickr/ Gerald Pereira

The Sri Lanka Conflict Mapping and Archive Project (CMAP) collects, analyses and preserves open source documentation in relation to the Sri Lankan civil war and uses it to develop tools that will support transitional justice. This includes the development of a conflict map report and a shared database.

CMAP builds on PIAC’s experience and strong reputation in documentation collection and analysis concerning the Sri Lankan civil war (including the internationally-recognised Island of Impunity? report), as well as PIAC’s extensive networks in Sri Lanka and with Sri Lankan asylum seekers.

We are working closely with Sri Lankan civil society groups and have an advisory panel of global experts in international investigations, transitional justice, international law and conflict mapping. We are especially grateful to the team of dedicated and talented interns working on the project.

What is a conflict map?

A conflict map is an overview of the incidents that occurred during a conflict, often organized by geography and chronology. It provides a detailed inventory and analysis of the types of violations, the scale of alleged violations, potential patterns of abuses, potential victims and perpetrators, and identifies possible evidentiary leads or sources relating to a conflict.

A conflict map is the first step for creating an informed approach to research and investigations for a truth commission and judicial mechanism.

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