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AHRC releases Villawood and Yongah Hill inspection reports

January 10, 2018

The Australian Human Rights Commission has released its latest inspection reports of the immigration detention facilities at Villawood and Yongah Hill, a large facility outside of Perth. Key issues addressed in the reports concern treatment of immigration detainees, conditions of … read more

Win for children leaving care

December 14, 2017

Children in out-of-home-care will have access to previously secret legal audit documents held by the department of Family and Community Services, that could result in successful compensation claims to support their transition to independence, following action by PIAC’s Children in … read more

Love wins!

December 8, 2017

PIAC joins with the LGBTIQ community in celebrating the realisation of marriage equality, following the passing of the Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Act by the House of Representatives last night and its proclamation by the Governor General this … read more

Remembering Dale King – 1955-2017

December 7, 2017

By Louis Schetzer, Senior Policy Officer, Homelessness, PIAC It is with much sadness that we note that Dale King, a committed and long-time StreetCare member and fearless advocate for homeless consumers, passed away in late November following a short illness. … read more

NT Royal Commission highlights national crisis in child protection for Aboriginal children

November 21, 2017

The NT Royal Commission’s final Report, released Friday, is an indictment of the NT government’s failure to protect the most vulnerable children and young people in its care. Importantly, it has also drawn attention to the national crisis in child … read more

Opinion: New anti-LGBTI discrimination must be rejected

November 16, 2017

Many people woke up this morning with a new-found sense of pride in their country, and in their fellow Australians, for having emphatically stood up for equality and fairness in the same-sex marriage postal survey. Some within the LGBTI community … read more

Yes!!! Now let’s get it done

November 15, 2017

PIAC has welcomed the results of the marriage equality survey and called on the government to honour their commitment to pass legislation to allow same-sex couples to marry without delay. ‘This is a landmark victory for the many, many Australians … read more

Fighting mental health insurance discrimination: Sarah’s story

November 15, 2017

Sarah was on a long-anticipated holiday in Thailand in August 2016 when the unthinkable happened. While having dinner with her friends, she experienced a sudden and severe panic attack. The episode made her feel paranoid and confused and was so … read more

Marriage Equality: Time to put a ring on it

November 10, 2017

The same-sex marriage postal survey is almost at an end. The survey process has closed and we await the result on 15 November. But despite having put the LGBTI community through a protracted, unnecessary, unfair and frankly degrading process, there … read more

Treatment of asylum seekers in detention an onshore problem too: Jane Leibowitz

November 2, 2017

Right now, more than 1,250 people – most of whom are seeking Australia’s protection from persecution – are being detained for long periods of time in prison-like conditions, despite having committed no crime. To make matters worse, the level of … read more


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