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Australian Government Solicitor wins Pro Bono Law Award

August 12, 2019

PIAC is delighted to congratulate the Australian Government Solicitor (AGS) on winning the Australian Law Pro Bono Award at the Lawyers Weekly Australian Law Awards. AGS has been a major pro bono supporter of PIAC for many years, seconding lawyers … read more

Jemena access arrangement 2020

August 9, 2019

PIAC provided input to Jemena Gas Networks’ Draft 2020 Plan for its 2020-25 access arrangement period. We commend Jemena for their broad, comprehensive, responsive and well-timed engagement with consumers and consumer advocates. We have engaged with Jemena on various issues … read more

Regulatory sandbox arrangements

August 8, 2019

PIAC responded to the AEMC’s draft report on regulatory sandbox arrangements. PIAC supports the introduction of a set of regulatory sandbox tools that allow changes to the regulatory framework to be trialled in a manner that balances the potential to … read more

Youth justice: time to raise the age

August 7, 2019

In this edition: Youth justice: time to raise the age;  A fairer NDIS;  Law reform: supporting survivors of domestic violence;  Health care and human rights seminar with the Kirby Institute;  Homelessness Week 2019;  Announcing PIAC’s new Principal Solicitors;  Opinion: demand … read more

Announcing PIAC’s new Principal Solicitors

August 6, 2019

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Camilla Pandolfini and Michelle Cohen as PIAC’s new co-Principal Solicitors, following the departure of Laura Lombardo. ‘Camilla and Michelle have significant experience driving successful strategic litigation at PIAC and both bring a … read more

Landmark conflict mapping report to support peace in Sri Lanka

July 30, 2019

In this edition Landmark conflict mapping report to support peace in Sri Lanka;  Help PIAC create change: our end of year appeal is now on;  Life saving medication secured for asylum seeker with Hepatitis C;  StreetSmart supports StreetCare;  Golden Gavel

National Hydrogen Strategy issues papers

July 26, 2019

PIAC responded to the COAG Energy Council’s consultation on the National Hydrogen Strategy issue paper 6 – Hydrogen in the gas network.    We note that the issues paper focusses on the policy and technological barriers to the use of hydrogen … read more

New demand response rule to erode market power of generator cartel

July 19, 2019

  ‘Australia is about to take another significant step towards breaking the market power of the country’s electricity generation cartel – and prepare for a renewables-dominated grid – with the main rule maker finally allowing demand response to enter the … read more

Big energy users paid for reducing demand

July 19, 2019

‘Big energy users look set to be rewarded for reducing their power usage during peak periods, under a plan to prevent summer blackouts.’ ‘The energy market rule-maker has released a draft version of its so-called “demand response mechanism” for public … read more

How ‘negawatts’ could help businesses cut their power bills

July 19, 2019

‘Manufacturers including BlueScope Steel and CSR stand to benefit from proposed rule changes in the electricity market that will allow them to better control their power use and bid directly into the wholesale market, saying it will help drive down … read more

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