Help asylum seekers in detention get the medical care they need

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Did you know that asylum seekers in onshore Australian detention centres do not have an enforceable right to a basic level of medical and mental health care?  PIAC is working to help people with serious but treatable illnesses who are suffering because they are not getting the sort of medical care and treatment we take for granted in Australia.

PIAC launched the Asylum Seeker Health Rights Project in late 2016 to help these people. You can read the story of one of our clients, Marco, here.

Your donation today will go directly to supporting our work for people who are not getting access to essential health services. It will also enable us to advocate for changes to the system, to ensure that asylum seekers get the care they need.

Regular donations make a significant difference and provide more certainty for our work. We would be especially grateful if you would consider becoming a regular donor.

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