Project Highlights

The Suspect Targeting Management Plan

In November 2017, together with the Youth Justice Coalition (YJC), PIAC released a report considering the impact on young people of the Suspect Targeting Management Plan (STMP), a NSW Police policy which aims to prevent crime by targeting recidivist offenders. … read more

Policing in Aboriginal communities

PIAC’s Indigenous Justice Project, generously supported by law firm Allens, has sought to reduce the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in detention through strategic litigation in relation to police powers. PIAC challenges police practice in dealing with Aboriginal … read more

False imprisonment of young people class action

In 2011, PIAC and law firm Maurice Blackburn commenced a class action on behalf of a number of young people. The case started after PIAC became aware that many children and young people were being wrongly arrested and detained (sometimes … read more

Improving police oversight

For many years, PIAC has called for an independent civilian oversight body to investigate critical incidents involving police. In our experience, inadequate oversight mechanisms have resulted in police not being adequately held to account when they have been involved in a … read more

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