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Fighting for all young people without a home

July 1, 2010

Young homeless people fear nothing will change, writes Veronica Penna. Recently, as a member of the Premier’s Advisory Council on Homelessness, I had the honour of speaking at the launch of Youth Homelessness Matters Day 2010. The theme of this … read more

Street Care members to join new council on homelessness

February 18, 2010

Kevin Simpson and Veronica Penna, two members of the homeless advisory group, Street Care, have been appointed to the NSW Premier’s Advisory Council on Homelessness. Announced yesterday, the 10-member Premier’s Advisory Council will provide expert advice on reducing homelessness in … read more

Reform road home needs more than good intentions

December 30, 2009

A key challenge in addressing homelessness is to understand the legal issues that are impacting upon homeless people systemically and to seek to bring about reform to these laws. This article explores some of the systemic issues impacting upon people … read more

The true roots of law: Jeremy Rea & HPLS

October 12, 2009

Studying law is about as much a guarantee for a comfortable future as it is a stable career path, and it is at the top of anyone who’s-got-money-on-their-mind’s life choice list. Parents who want to boast about their children’s job … read more

Theatre of the streets gives homeless a voice in human rights debate

April 30, 2009

A unique theatre group is being used to ensure the views of homeless people are heard during the national consultation on human rights. Milkcrate Theatre has been performing in Sydney for several years and is performs entirely to homeless people. … read more

Never for us, without us:

February 14, 2009

The Federal Government’s White Paper on Homelessness, The Road Home: A National Approach to Reducing Homelessness, lists as a priority ‘placing people who are experiencing homelessness at the centre of service delivery and design’. This article provides detailed advice on … read more

Reforms to fine paying system is good news for homeless people

November 25, 2008

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) has welcomed the decision by the NSW Government to reform the way in which fines can be paid. Under a new proposal announced today by the NSW Attorney General, the Hon John Hatzistergos, people … read more

Homeless Persons’ Legal Service, Deacons & Wayside Chapel team up to offer free legal advice to the homeless in Kings Cross

February 24, 2008

One of Sydney’s best known drop-in centres for the homeless, the Wayside Chapel at Kings Cross, is now opening its doors to lawyers every Monday morning as part of the latest legal clinic run by the Homeless Persons’ Legal Service … read more

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