PIAC at a glance

PIAC tackles difficult social problems that impact on the lives of many Australians. We conduct test cases and strategic litigation in the public interest, and provide legal assistance, policy advice and training to create positive change to the lives of people who are disadvantaged and marginalised.

Strategic litigation

Changing the system through public interest test cases

  • Indigenous Justice
  • Mental Health and Insurance
  • Police accountability
  • Asylum Seeker Health Rights
  • Discrimination and human rights
  • Government and the rule of law

Homeless Persons Legal Service

Breaking the cycle of disadvantage for people experiencing homelessness

  • Legal help at 15 outreach clinics, staffed by over 500 pro bono lawyers
  • StreetCare: advocacy and practical advice to government and service providers

Energy and Water Consumers’ Advocacy Program

The voice of energy and water consumers in NSW

  • Research and policy development to promote affordability and sustainability
  • Representing consumer interests in regulatory processes

Policy and law reform

Working with government, business and the community in the public interest

  • An influential and authoritative voice in the media
  • A respected stakeholder, making submissions of substance

International Projects

Supporting transitional justice: the Conflict Map and Archive Project (Sri Lanka).

  • Collecting, preserving and analysing evidence of potential human rights and international humanitarian law abuses to promote truth, justice

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