Our objectives and strategies

PIAC works for justice for disadvantaged, marginalised and vulnerable people. We are an independent, non-profit legal centre with over three decades of experience in running test cases and leading systemic change.

Detailed information on PIAC’s objectives and strategies is available in PIAC’s Strategic Plan and Annual Report.


PIAC achieves results through a combination of strategies:

  • litigation and legal assistance;
  • policy and research; and
  • training and community engagement.

Litigation and legal assistance

PIAC’s legal work is focused on having a broad impact through test cases and ensuring access to justice.

Our Homeless Persons’ Legal Service provides advice and representation to people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness. Working with a wide network of pro bono partners, we provide access to justice for one of society’s most vulnerable groups.

Policy and research

PIAC combines its legal work with policy and research. Often the issues raised by our clients require more than just litigation. We build on our success in test cases by working with government, business and our partners in the community to bring about changes to laws and policies.

PIAC provides a strong and authoritative voice in inquiries, parliamentary committees, working groups and the media. 

Training and community engagement

PIAC provides education and training for not-for-profit organisations and individuals to improve their skills in advocacy.

We engage with the community through the media, by hosting conferences, seminars, events and workshops, by presenting conference papers, by publishing newsletters and bulletins, and by working with stakeholders.


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