Achieving social justice

PIAC is an independent, non-profit legal centre with over three decades of experience in running test cases and leading systemic change. Read More

Graeme Innes

Accessible public transport

PIAC acted for Graeme Innes when he sued RailCorp for its failure to provide audible ‘next stop’ announcements. Mr Innes said, ‘all I’m asking is that they tell me where I am.' Read More

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A voice for people experiencing homelessness

PIAC’s consumer advisory committee, StreetCare, provides policy advice to government on homelessness and housing. Read More

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Unlawful imprisonment of young people

‘One of our 14-year-old clients was arrested, handcuffed and strip-searched on three separate occasions over a two-week period. He was held in custody overnight each time. ' Read More

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Landmark challenge to reduce electricity bills

NSW electricity networks charge twice as much as their counterparts in Victoria to get electricity from a power station to a consumer. Read More

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Homeless Persons’ Legal Service

HPLS provides free legal advice to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness at welfare agencies throughout Sydney and Newcastle. Read More

Discrimination: mental health and insurance

One in two people will be diagnosed with a mental condition at some point yet insurers frequently deny cover or claims related to mental illness. Read More

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New clinics: Homeless Persons' Legal Service 21 Apr 2017

PIAC’s Homeless Persons Legal Service (HPLS) is set to start two new clinics in Kings Cross and Bondi, building on the network of clinics already operating at welfare agencies across Sydney and Newcastle. HPLS provides free legal advice to people... Read More

Nine News: Soaring Electricity Prices

27 Apr 2017

PIAC’s Craig Memery explains how you can save money on your electricity bills. 

Welcome news: ACCC review into electricity retail margins

28 Mar 2017

PIAC has welcomed the Federal Government’s announcement of a review into retail electricity prices in the National Energy Market, to...

Voting rights: making polling places accessible to all

24 Mar 2017

If you have a mobility disability and have had trouble accessing a polling booth in your electorate, PIAC wants to...