In April 2008, the NSW Ombudsman initiated an own-motion inquiry into the NSW FOI Act. As part of this inquiry, the Ombudsman released a discussion paper.


On 24 March 2009, at Australia’s Right to Know Freedom of Speech Conference, Senator John Faulkner announced the government’s proposed second tranche of reforms to the Freedom of Information Ac

09.04.27-PIAC Gambling Inquiry Sub

The Productivity Commission undertook a major inquiry into the gambling industry in 1999, to which PIAC made a short submission.

09.04.24 Silent Corruption ICAC Act

The removal of the common law right to silence through the operation of section 37 of the ICAC Act is balanced by the fact that answers given under objection cannot be used in civil, criminal or disci

09.04.09-PIAC-JournalistShield Sub

The Evidence Amendment (Journalists’ Privilege) Bill 2009 (Cth), inserts a new objects clause at the beginning of the Commonwealth Evidence Act.

09.02.02-PIAC UPP sub

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) has provided a submission to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet in response to its call for comments on the draft Unified Privacy Principles

09.01.07-FOI certificates

PIAC, in its brief submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration, commends the Federal Government on implementing its commitment to remove Ministerial conclusive cer

09.01.12-PIAC Sub re DDA Amend

PIAC, in its submission to the …, commends the Federal Government on implementing the majority of recommendations from the Productivity Commission’s 2004 review of the Disability Discrimination Act

08.11.17-PIAC FOI Sub

In April 2008, the NSW Ombudsman initiated a review of the Freedom of Information Act 1989 (NSW) (the FOI Act).

08.05.07 - PIAC/AHRC StolenGens

This submission was prepared in response to Senators’ questions and comments at the Inquiry’s hearing, held in Sydney on 16 April 2008.

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