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Type Title Description Date
Book/Report Annual report 2010 - 2011 15 Oct 2011
Submission Vote YES to end racial discrimination:

The Australian Government is committed to holding a national referendum on constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander...

30 Sep 2011
Submission Submission to Retailer of Last Resort and Operator of Last Resort arrangements under the Water... 30 Sep 2011
Journal/Newsletter PIAC Bulletin [33] 15 Sep 2011
Submission Solar feed-in tariffs:

This submission focuses on two interrelated areas, retail competition and form of regulation in response to issues outlined in the Independent...

09 Sep 2011
Submission Regulating prices for consumers, with consumers

The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal of NSW (IPART) engaged an external consultant...

31 Aug 2011
Submission National Human Rights Baseline Study: submission by the Public Interest Advocacy Centre

The Federal Government launched ‘Australia’s Human Rights Framework’ in 2010, in response to the national inquiry into human rights ...

31 Aug 2011
Submission Maximising consumer benefits:

The objective of the current review is to identify opportunities for consumers on the demand side and those on the supply side.

26 Aug 2011
Submission ACT Government consultation on the inclusion of economic, social and cultural rights in the Human...

PIAC supports a ‘human rights approach’ as a means of fostering a fair, just and democratic society.

24 Aug 2011
Submission Western Australia: an opportunity to take the lead on coronial law reform

The Western Australian (WA) Law Reform Commission’s Discussion Paper is released as part of its Review of Coronial...

24 Aug 2011
Submission A public interest approach to costs:

In this submission to the NSW Law Reform Commission (NSWLRC), ...

19 Aug 2011
Submission IPART: review of the price structures for metropolitan water utilities

PIAC understands that IPART, as the price regulator for water and sewerage services for the...

04 Aug 2011
Submission Review of the Law of Bail in NSW: submission to the New South Wales Law Reform Commission

Despite a number of inquiries into the criminal justice system and reviews of bail laws in NSW over the last few years...

26 Jul 2011
Submission Comments on the NSW Sentencing Council Suspended Sentences Consultation Paper

This submission is made by the Homeless Persons’ Legal Service in response to the Consultation Paper prepared by the NSW...

26 Jul 2011
Journal/Newsletter Street Rights NSW [Special edition] 15 Jul 2011
Submission Statutory judicial review - keep it, expand it:

PIAC’s written submission to the Administrative Review Council in response to its Consultation Paper, Judicial...

14 Jul 2011
Submission Australia's Urban Water Sector Draft Report

PIAC has followed their 2010 submission to the Productivity Commission’s (the Commission) Inquiry into the Urban...

30 Jun 2011
Submission Human Rights Charter review - respecting Victorians

PIAC supports a ‘human rights approach’ as a means of fostering a fair, just and democratic society. This submission...

24 Jun 2011
Submission Submission to the Migration Amendment (Detention Reform and Procedural Fairness) Bill 2010

This submission reviews and comments on the Migration Amendment (Detention Reform and Procedural Fairness) Bill 2010.

23 Jun 2011
Book/Report Choice? What Choice?

Choice? What Choice? reports on a study of residential electricity consumers in five New South Wales regions; namely Cooma, Lismore, Bourke, Wagga...

15 Jun 2011