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Submission Inquiry into former forced adoption policies and practices:

PIAC’s submission examines the impact of former forced removal and adoption practices on Indigenous Australians and...

07 Apr 2011
Submission Universal Periodic Review recommendations

The United Nations Human Rights Council undertook a Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Australia’s Human Rights...

04 Apr 2011
Submission Independence and advocacy: the key to gaining consumer trust in Australia’s aged care complaints...

PIAC confines its comments specifically to the matters raised in Chapter 12 (‘Regulation — the future direction’...

04 Apr 2011
Submission Resolution and advocacy: essential partners in the management of aged care complaints

This submission is made in response to Department of Health Care and Ageing’s Discussion Paper: Aged Care Complaints Scheme: Proposed...

25 Mar 2011
Submission Treatment and care over punishment and detention - even more critical for young people

This submission responds to the issues and questions raised in the NSW Law Reform Commission’s Discussion Paper: ...

17 Mar 2011
Submission Ensuring accessibility, openness and privacy:

PIAC welcomed the opportunity to make a submission in response to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’...

07 Mar 2011
Submission Exposure draft of amendments to the Acts Amendment Act 1901

PIAC made a short submission to the Attorney- General’s Department in response to the exposure draft of amendments...

02 Mar 2011
Submission Penalty notices: still not such a fine thing for vulnerable people

On 13 January 2011 HPLS met with the NSW Law Reform Commission to discuss its submission to...

24 Feb 2011
Journal/Newsletter Street Rights NSW [19] 15 Feb 2011
Submission Human rights action plan for Australia

The Federal Government launched ‘Australia’s Human Rights Framework’ in 2010, in response to the national inquiry into human rights ...

11 Feb 2011
Submission Discovery for all:

The Australian Law Reform Commission’s inquiry into discovery in the federal courts was prompted by the concerns raised about the process in the...

20 Jan 2011
Journal/Newsletter Well connected [36] 15 Jan 2011
Submission Human rights in Tasmania - In on the act

In its submission to the Tasmanian Consultation on the proposed Human Rights Charter of Rights and Responsibilities.  ...

14 Jan 2011
Submission Protecting the rights of children and young people

The submission comments on the Bill to establish the Office of Commonwealth Commissioner for Children and Young People.

12 Jan 2011
Submission Open access:

PIAC’s submission to the review of the NSW Energy Accounts Payment Assistance (...

24 Dec 2010
Submission Draft Retailer Authorisation Guideline

Under the National Energy Customer Framework, the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) is charged with developing a...

22 Dec 2010
Submission Penalty notices: still not such a fine thing for vulnerable people.

This submission was made in response to the NSW Law Reform Commission Consultation Paper on Penalty Notices and builds...

17 Dec 2010
Book/Report Rough living: surviving violence and homelessness

Rough Living is a research report commissioned by the Public Interest Advocacy and produced by Dr Catherine Robinson.

15 Dec 2010
Journal/Newsletter PIAC Bulletin [32] 15 Dec 2010
Submission A rights approach:

The Productivity Commission inquiry, Australia’s Urban Water Sector, aims to identify efficiency gains that can be made in...

30 Nov 2010