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Submission Australian Law Reform Commission Inquiry into the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Cwth).

When an electricity retailer in NSW withdraws from the market, all of their residential customers are automatically...

15 Mar 1995
Submission Australia's third periodic report to the Committee Against Torture NGO report addendum

PIAC has contributed to and endorsed an addendum to the NGO Report (a Shadow Report) in...

09 Oct 2007
Submission Submission to IPART's review of prices for Sydney Water Corporation 2008-2012

Sydney Water Corporation (SWC) is seeking significant rises to residential water bills, in order to pay for lost revenue...

19 Oct 2007
Submission Red tape reduction in the Office of State Revenue. Submission

In its response to the Office of State Revenue’s (OSR) invitation to make comments to their Red Tape Reduction...

02 Nov 2007
Submission AEMC review of the effectiveness of competition in electricity and gas retail marketing in Victoria

The Australian Energy Marketing Commission is conducting a review of the effectiveness of competition in the Victorian electricity and gas ...

09 Nov 2007
Submission Submission to the Energy Markets Review (Parer Committee) 04 Oct 2002
Submission Submission to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal Review of Electricity Distribution... 15 Jul 2003
Submission Supplementary submission to the IPART Review of Electricity Distribution Pricing 15 Oct 2003
Submission Smart meters and functionality.

Smart meters can record a lot more information about residential energy consumption than normal ‘accumulation’ meters. They enable...

15 Nov 2007
Submission Retailer of Last Resort supply fee for small retail customers

The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) has recommended that customers of a failed electricity retailer...

29 Nov 2007
Submission Inquiry into the prohibition on the publication of names of children involved in criminal...

PIAC has made a brief submission to the NSW Parliamentary inquiry into the legislative...

13 Dec 2007
Submission Working together to achieve a new direction for NSW:

This submission responds to the the adequacy and appropriateness of performance measures for reporting progress of the NSW...

18 Dec 2007
Submission Encouraging consumer benefits in water for tenants:

The NSW Office of Fair Trading is currently undertaking a review of the Residential Tenancies Act 1987.

21 Dec 2007
Submission Joint consumer group supplementary submission to the Productivity Commission Review of Consumer...

Joint submission prepared by Consumers Federation of Australia, Care Inc Financial Counselling Service, Consumer Action Law Centre, Consumer...

25 Sep 2007
Submission Submission to the Federal Treasurer 2008-2009 Federal Budget

PIAC has made brief submission in response to the call for input from the community to the Federal Budget process for...

18 Jan 2008
Submission Asbestos and Aborigines. 15 Jan 1984
Submission Health Care Complaints Bill 1992: 15 Oct 1992
Submission Submission to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. 15 Nov 1999
Submission Submission from the Public Interest Advocacy Centre to the Review of National Competition Policy... 15 Jun 2004
Submission PIAC submission on the Draft National Action Plan on Human Rights 15 Jun 2004