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Journal/Newsletter Background paper on community participation in pro-competition legislative review 15 Jan 1997
Book/Report Contracting and tendering in human services markets: 15 Apr 1997
Papers - Published Environmental claims in advertising. 15 Apr 1997
Papers - Published NCOSS seminar on Contracting Out of Human Services - Legal Issues 15 Apr 1997
Papers - Unpublished Compulsory Third Party Insurance in the Motor Accidents Scheme. Discussion paper on legal costs 05 May 1997
Journal/Newsletter PIAC bulletin [8]: 15 Jul 1997
Papers - Published Does Australian law recognise public interest litigation?

The Submission focuses on where Australia sits globally in relation to discrimination against same-sex couples in the areas of financial and...

22 Jul 1997
Book/Report Representative proceedings in NSW. Supplement 15 Aug 1997
Papers - Published Environmental marketing - would you buy it? Paper presented to the Third environmental outlook... 15 Oct 1997
Papers - Published Sydney Olympics - ticketing 15 Nov 1997
Submission Contracting out of government services: 12 Feb 1998
Journal/Newsletter PIAC bulletin [9]: 15 Mar 1998
Papers - Published Sharing the spirit or shouldering the burden. 15 Jul 1998
Submission Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal of NSW Gaming Inquiry. Gaming Inquiry submission: 31 Aug 1998
Submission Submission to National Competition Policy Review of the Legal Profession Act 1987 15 Sep 1998
Submission Submission to Senate Select Committee on Socio-Economic Consequences of National Competition Policy 15 Oct 1998
Journal/Newsletter PIAC bulletin [10]: 15 Dec 1998
Journal/Newsletter Well connected [1]: 01 Mar 1999
Papers - Published Systems advocacy in a changing political climate 01 Mar 1999
Journal/Newsletter Well connected: 15 Mar 1999