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Submission Submission to consultation paper on Introducing a dynamic and competitive metropolitan water...

PIAC’s submission to the NSW Government about the proposed access regime for Sydney and...

15 Jun 2006
Submission Submission to the Ten Year Review of the Police Oversight System in NSW

PIAC’s submission to the Ten Year Review of the Police Oversight system in NSW, made to...

15 May 2006
Submission Submission to the NSW Parliament Joint Select Committee on Tobacco Smoking.


21 Apr 2006
Submission Public participation or urging disaffection.

This submission responds to the Commission’s Issues paper 30 on Sedition laws in Australia following the amendment of those laws on November...

18 Apr 2006
Book/Report Not such a fine thing!

Report on the impact of the current on-the-spot fines system on people who are homeless or face other disadvantage such as disability, language...

15 Apr 2006
Papers - Published Everyone's a winner?: Price protection in retail energy competition

Considers some of the lessons for ensuring consumers are not disadvantaged by the introduction of retail competition in essential services....

15 Apr 2006
Papers - Published Financial hardship and the social responsibility of energy retailers

Discusses the introduction of measures to assist vulnerable customers with the introduction of energy retail competition,

15 Apr 2006
Journal/Newsletter Well connected [27]: 31 Mar 2006
Submission Comments on the draft ALP policy platform


31 Mar 2006
Book/Report Paying for what?:

An Occasional Policy Paper produced by the Utility Consumers’ Advocacy Program which analyses the case for changes to tariffs for energy and...

15 Mar 2006
Papers - Unpublished Arabic [translation of Protecting human rights in Australia]


15 Feb 2006
Submission The public interest in effective regulation:

This submission identifies the need for effective regulation to achieve the community’s social, environmental and economic needs.

15 Feb 2006
Papers - Unpublished Chinese [translation of Protecting human rights in Australia]


15 Jan 2006
Submission Submission to the Security Legislation Review Committee

PIAC’s submission focuses on the impact of anti-terrorism legislation in discouraging community participation and...

15 Jan 2006
Submission Public Consultation on Energy Regulation

Major changes to the regulation of electricity and gas are planned for the national market.

13 Jan 2006
Submission Expert panel on network pricing 23 Dec 2005
Journal/Newsletter Well connected [26]: 15 Dec 2005
Papers - Unpublished Terrorism. State of fear - in fear of the state 14 December 2005 14 Dec 2005
Submission Comments to the Federal Attorney-General's Department on the Chair's Text for the Draft... 02 Dec 2005
Submission Submission to NSW Parliamentarians on the Terrorism (Police Powers) Amendment (Preventative...

On 17 November 2005, NSW Government tabled the Terrorism (Police Powers) Amendment (Preventative Detention) Bill 2005 to...

25 Nov 2005