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Papers - Published Olympics liberty and security issues : a briefing paper 15 Feb 2000
Papers - Published Liberty in the Olympic city. Briefing paper No 2 15 Aug 2000
Papers - Published Global corporations and human rights: 15 Jun 2002
Papers - Published Globalism, economic exclusion and inclusive activism. 15 Sep 2002
Papers - Published What are human rights? 15 Sep 2005
Papers - Published Systems advocacy in a changing political climate 01 Mar 1999
Papers - Published The Health Access Card:

Short paper presented to Liberty: the Victorian Council of Civil Liberty’s Public Forum on the Federal Government’s...

22 Feb 2007
Papers - Published More power to providers in electricity price rise 18 May 2007
Papers - Published Does Australian law recognise public interest litigation?

The Submission focuses on where Australia sits globally in relation to discrimination against same-sex couples in the areas of financial and...

22 Jul 1997
Papers - Published Mental illness and the criminal justice system


02 Mar 2007
Papers - Published Control at what cost? The psychological impact of incarceration in the Supermax


24 Oct 2007
Papers - Published NCOSS seminar on Contracting Out of Human Services - Legal Issues 15 Apr 1997
Papers - Published Citizenship and a Bill or Charter of Rights

In a paper to a Sydney Democracy Forum seminar, Robin Banks spoke of the need for formal human rights protection to complete the democratic ...

22 Aug 2008
Papers - Published Implications of government funding of advocacy for nonprofit independence and exploration of... 31 Dec 2007
Papers - Published What's rights got to do with it?

In this paper, presented to the NSW Young Lawyers’ ‘A Charter of Rights’ Conference, the author...

09 May 2009
Papers - Published The adequacy of human rights protection and impact of gaps

This paper was presented to the National Human Rights Consultation Hearings in Canberra on 1 July 2009 as part of a panel providing ‘an...

01 Jul 2009
Papers - Published Having a voice and making a difference! Regional replication of Street Care

Those that experience homelessness are rarely involved in decision making processes that affect them.

15 Oct 2009
Papers - Published Implications of government funding of advocacy for third-sector independence and exploration of...

This paper examines the effect of funding contracts on the capacity of third-sector organizations to effectively advocate.

31 Dec 2008
Papers - Published Everyone's a winner?: Price protection in retail energy competition

Considers some of the lessons for ensuring consumers are not disadvantaged by the introduction of retail competition in essential services....

15 Apr 2006
Papers - Published Financial hardship and the social responsibility of energy retailers

Discusses the introduction of measures to assist vulnerable customers with the introduction of energy retail competition,

15 Apr 2006