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Papers - Published Stolen wages: settling the debt

The focus of this paper is Indigenous stolen wages.  There is a strong link between stolen wages and the removal of Indigenous children from...

31 Dec 2008
Papers - Published Proposed FOI exclusions pose a danger to the public interest

From: Law Society journal, May 2009.  pp. 67-69

15 May 2009
Papers - Published Proposed FOI exclusions pose a danger to the public interest

From: Law Society journal, May 2009.  pp. 67-69

15 May 2009
Papers - Published Bail me out, research report on detention and homelessness

From: Parity, volume 22, issue 8 (September 2009).  pp. 27-28

15 Sep 2009
Papers - Published Restoring identity before it's too late

From: National Indigenous Times, November 12, 2009. p. 25


12 Nov 2009
Papers - Published Reparations Tribunal is a must for Stolen Gen

From: The Koori Mail, Wednesday November 18, 2009.  p. 21

18 Nov 2009
Papers - Published Why have a Human Rights Act?

From: NCOSS news, volume 36, number 10 (November 2009).  p. 6

15 Nov 2009
Papers - Published The next step a reparations tribunal

Published on Australian Policy Online (,...

13 Nov 2009
Papers - Published Never for us, without us:

The Federal Government’s White Paper on Homelessness, The Road Home: A National Approach to Reducing Homelessness, lists as a...

15 Feb 2009
Papers - Published Reform road home needs more than good intentions

A key challenge in addressing homelessness is to understand the legal issues that are impacting upon homeless people systemically and to seek to...

31 Dec 2009
Papers - Published The criminalisation of conduct: Indigenous youth in the criminal justice system

01 Feb 2012
Papers - Published The Holcroft inquest: prisoners deserve more humane prison transportation

The paper deals with the 2011 NSW Inquest into the death in custody of Mark Holcroft in 2009 and the related issues...

25 May 2012
Papers - Published Towards a unified Equality Act: why this matters for business

Handout at joint seminar by PIAC and King & Wood Mallesons - consolidation of...

01 Dec 2011
Papers - Published Secret searches spreading too far

From: The Sydney Morning Herald, 23 March 2009. p. 9

23 Mar 2009
Papers - Published The need for a Stolen Generations Reparations Tribunal 15 Sep 2000
Papers - Published Conscientious participation:

Law is traditionally and appropriately portrayed as trailing or reflecting, rather that effecting, social change.

15 Jul 2003
Papers - Published Access to advocacy skills 15 Feb 2002
Papers - Published The 10 Commitments: 22 Aug 1994
Papers - Published The law of standing 15 Apr 1992
Papers - Published Beyond the prison gates.

In 2012 the Homeless Persons’ Legal Service and StreetCare undertook a consultation project exploring the experiences and difficulties faced by...

31 Jul 2013