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Submission Access to energy II:

This report forms PIAC’s submission to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal of New South Wales (...

02 Feb 2010
Submission Undermining the second chance:

This submission examines PIAC’s concerns about section 17 of the Legal Profession Act 2004 (NSW...

26 Feb 2010
Submission Answers to Questions on Notice from public hearing on 15 February 2010 in relation to the Freedom...

In March 2010, PIAC made a supplementary submission to the Commonwealth Senate Standing Committee on Finance and Public...

05 Mar 2010
Submission A public interest approach to costs:

PIAC’s submission analyses the current rules in relation to costs in litigation in NSW...

05 Mar 2010
Submission Healthcare identifiers and consumer privacy protection:

In its submission to the Senate Community Affairs Legislation Committee, PIAC argues that the Healthcare Identifiers...

09 Mar 2010
Submission Protecting consumers?:

This submission forms the response of PIAC to the Ministerial Council on Energy’s Second Exposure Draft of the...

11 Mar 2010
Papers - Published Advocacy with gloves on:

This article examines the strategies used by some third sector organizations in Australia to advocate.  The purpose of this article is to...

31 Mar 2010
Journal/Newsletter Street rights NSW [16] 12 Apr 2010
Submission How to level a playing field:

PIAC’s submission critiques the methodology being adopted by the AEMC for the conduct of...

12 Apr 2010
Papers - Published Stolen wages. Evidentiary challenges for claimants This article revisits the challenges faced by Aboriginal people in NSW who are seeking to recover their unpaid wages and... 15 Apr 2010
Journal/Newsletter Well connected [35]: 20 Apr 2010
Submission Quality? Please assure us!

The Homeless Persons’ Legal Service (HPLS) made a submission in response to the release of the Housing Ministers...

22 Apr 2010
Submission Turning up the heat on consumers:

This submission forms the response to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) draft decision on Jemena Gas Network Ltd...

27 Apr 2010
Submission Transparent pricing:

This submission forms the PIAC response to the Australian Energy Regulator’s Issues Paper on Retail Pricing...

04 May 2010
Journal/Newsletter PIAC Bulletin [31]: 15 May 2010
Submission Improving democracy:

The Victorian Electoral Matters Committee conducted an inquiry into the functions and administration of voting centres.

28 May 2010
Submission Submission - Developing National Hardship Indicators

The National Energy Customer Framework is expected to require that the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) publish...

04 Jun 2010
Submission A fairer system:

The emergence of government redress schemes for Indigenous Australians is a symbol of progress towards reconciliation between Indigenous and non-...

09 Jun 2010
Journal/Newsletter Street Rights NSW [17] 15 Jun 2010
Submission Lobbying, transparency and accountability in NSW:

Lobbying is an important and influential aspect of a healthy participatory democracy.

23 Jun 2010