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Submission Australia 2020.

PIAC’s submission to the Federal Government 2020 Summit under the topic: The productivity agenda - education,...

15 Apr 2008
Submission Submission to Garnaut Climate Change review

In its response to the Interim Report of the Garnaut Committee, PIAC endorses the recommendation that Australia will...

11 Apr 2008
Submission Focusing on the community:

The Ministerial Council on Energy (MCE) recently released nine principles to guide the future development and...

28 Mar 2008
Papers - Unpublished Protecting human rights in Australia: Introduction 15 Mar 2008
Submission Model consumer submission in response to Productivity Commission Draft Report on Australia's...

A range of consumer groups met in January 2008 to discuss the Productivity Commission’s Draft Report of its Review of Australia’s...

15 Mar 2008
Submission Submission to the review of the New South Wales Life Support Rebate

The Department of Water and Energy (DWE) recently announced a review into the NSW Government...

14 Mar 2008
Submission A tool for health care improvement: Comment on the Draft National Patient Charter of Rights

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care released a draft National Patient Charter of Rights in January 2008.

07 Mar 2008
Submission Sifting through greenwash:

PIAC’s overarching concerns for the regulation of environmental claims in marketing are ensuring consumers have as...

19 Feb 2008
Journal/Newsletter Street rights NSW [9] 18 Feb 2008
Submission For the sake of democracy:

PIAC has made a submission to the NSW Legislative Council Select Committee Inquiry into...

15 Feb 2008
Submission Special Commission of Inquiry into Child Protection Services in NSW

The submission to the Special Inquiry into Child Protection (Justice Woods) links the relationship between failures in child protection services...

11 Feb 2008
Submission Consumers and electricity privatisation in NSW:

A Consultative Reference Committee, chaired by Mr Unsworth, has been established to test the impacts of the proposed privatisation of the...

11 Feb 2008
Submission Productivity Commission Draft Report - Review of Australia's Consumer Policy Framework.

The Productivity Commission (PC) recently published its draft report reviewing Australia’s competition policy...

01 Feb 2008
Submission Submission to the Federal Treasurer 2008-2009 Federal Budget

PIAC has made brief submission in response to the call for input from the community to the Federal Budget process for...

18 Jan 2008
Papers - Published Implications of government funding of advocacy for nonprofit independence and exploration of... 31 Dec 2007
Journal/Newsletter Well connected [31]: 21 Dec 2007
Submission Encouraging consumer benefits in water for tenants:

The NSW Office of Fair Trading is currently undertaking a review of the Residential Tenancies Act 1987.

21 Dec 2007
Submission Resurrecting the right to privacy:

PIAC’s submission to this major review notes the comprehensive nature of DP 72 and...

21 Dec 2007
Submission Working together to achieve a new direction for NSW:

This submission responds to the the adequacy and appropriateness of performance measures for reporting progress of the NSW...

18 Dec 2007
Book/Report Electricity supply in NSW:

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) commissioned the Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF...

15 Dec 2007