Publications by Type

Type Title Description Date
Submission Submission to IPART's Draft Determination on Recycled Water Prices

Ongoing drought, changing community attitudes and a re-vamped industry structure are driving metropolitan water agencies in ...

15 Aug 2006
Submission Submission to Energy Reform Implementation Group

The Energy Reform Implementation Group has been established by the Council of Australian Governments to consider the need for further reforms in...

14 Aug 2006
Submission Health and social services access card: submission to Access Card Consumer and Privacy Taskforce...

PIAC’s submission into the Federal Government’s Taskforce consultation on the proposed Smart Card

28 Jul 2006
Submission Prisoners and reproductive health services:

Submission on the Correctional Services Legislation Amendment Bill 2006

28 Jul 2006
Submission Immigration detention in Australia: the loss of decency and humanity.

The Submission focuses on issues relating to the privatisation of the operations of immigration detention.

20 Jul 2006
Submission Submission to the Attorney General's Department of NSW.

PIAC believes the issue of determining capacity should be considered a mainstream legal issue that may arise from time-...

15 Jul 2006
Submission Comments to the Federal Attorney-General's Department on the Chair's Text for the Draft...

PIAC, the NSW Disability Discrimination Legal Centre and Australian Lawyers for Human Rights...

14 Jul 2006
Submission Towards comprehensive human rights protection:

PIAC commends New Matilda on its work to develop a Federal Human Right Bill and on its campaign to seek community...

09 Jul 2006
Journal/Newsletter Well connected [28]: 30 Jun 2006
Submission Submission to the Human Rights ad Equal Opportunity Commission Inquiry into Discrimination against...

The Submission focuses on where Australia sits globally in relation to discrimination against same-sex couples in the areas of financial and...

26 Jun 2006
Journal/Newsletter Talkin' justice 15 Jun 2006
Journal/Newsletter PIAC bulletin [23]: 15 Jun 2006
Journal/Newsletter Talkin' justice [1]: 15 Jun 2006
Papers - Unpublished Vietnamese [translation of Protecting human rights in Australia]


15 Jun 2006
Submission Submission to consultation paper on Introducing a dynamic and competitive metropolitan water...

PIAC’s submission to the NSW Government about the proposed access regime for Sydney and...

15 Jun 2006
Submission Submission to the Ten Year Review of the Police Oversight System in NSW

PIAC’s submission to the Ten Year Review of the Police Oversight system in NSW, made to...

15 May 2006
Submission Submission to the NSW Parliament Joint Select Committee on Tobacco Smoking.


21 Apr 2006
Submission Public participation or urging disaffection.

This submission responds to the Commission’s Issues paper 30 on Sedition laws in Australia following the amendment of those laws on November...

18 Apr 2006
Book/Report Not such a fine thing!

Report on the impact of the current on-the-spot fines system on people who are homeless or face other disadvantage such as disability, language...

15 Apr 2006
Papers - Published Everyone's a winner?: Price protection in retail energy competition

Considers some of the lessons for ensuring consumers are not disadvantaged by the introduction of retail competition in essential services....

15 Apr 2006