09.10.20 Submission to NSW AG on LEPRA and Terrorism Act FINAL

In this submission, PIAC criticises the NSW Government’s extension of “emergency” police powers, initially enacted because of terrorism, to non-terrorism related policing of “organised crime” and biki


PIAC joint letter to the Commonwealth Attorney General regarding the arrest and detention of Dr Mohamed Haneef

Final Freedom of religion submission

PIAC, together with Kingsford Legal Centre and CCLCG, made a joint submission to the AHRC inquiry, Freedom of Religion in the 21st Century.* PIAC contributed to the submission on international standar

09.08.07 Submission Step in Human Rights Direction

PIAC made a submission on the National Security Legislation Monitor Bill 2009 to the Senate Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration in August 2009.In this submission, PIAC expressed

The case for repeal

PIAC’s submission to this Review by the NSW Ombudsman:(a) responds to the Ombudsman’s Issues Paper on this Review (insert hyperlink to the Issues Paper).(b) makes extensive reference to its earlier “S

Sub on the Terrorism Amendment BIll 2005

On 17 November 2005, NSW Government tabled the Terrorism (Police Powers) Amendment (Preventative Detention) Bill 2005 to complement the Federal Anti-Terrorism Bill (No 2) 2005 and to provide for preve

Public participation or urging disaffection

This submission responds to the Commission’s Issues paper 30 on Sedition laws in Australia following the amendment of those laws on November 2005 as part of the Anti-Terrorism Act (2005) (No 2) (Cth).

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