Australian legal system

Overview of the Australian legal system, including the way in which the legal system is part of the overall structure of government.

Advocacy with gloves on

This article examines the strategies used by some third sector organizations in Australia to advocate.  The purpose of this article is to identify the kinds of activities that organizations in

Code of Conduct NSW

The submission comments on the Code of Conduct for Members of the NSW Parliament.

Lobbying, transparency and accountability in NSW

Lobbying is an important and influential aspect of a healthy participatory democracy.

09.08.07 Submission Step in Human Rights Direction

PIAC made a submission on the National Security Legislation Monitor Bill 2009 to the Senate Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration in August 2009.In this submission, PIAC expressed

09.04.09-EWCAP-Submission to Climate Policy Senate Select Committee

This submission was prepared for the Commonwealth Senate Select Committee on Climate Policy.

funding of advocacy for third-sector

This paper examines the effect of funding contracts on the capacity of third-sector organizations to effectively advocate.

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