Human Rights Charter review - respecting Victorians

PIAC supports a ‘human rights approach’ as a means of fostering a fair, just and democratic society. This submission  assesses the operation and impact of the Charter.

Quality - ensuring rights, respect and dignity for homeless people

This submission is made by the Homeless Persons’ Legal Service in response to the Options Paper prepared by the Homelessness Working Group of the Housing Ministers’ Conference released in February

Human rights in Tasmania

In its submission to the Tasmanian Consultation on the proposed Human Rights Charter of Rights and Responsibilities.  PIAC focuses on identifying the features of effective human r

09.06.15 HPLS Submission to National Consultation on Human Rights-small

This submission responds to the Australian Government’s announcement of a national consultation on human rights protection.

09.06.15-PIAC Human Rights Sub

In its submission to the National Consultation, PIAC focuses on identifying the features of effective human rights protection and promotion that it considers necessary to build into any future framewo

Citizenship and a Bill or Charter of Rights

In a paper to a Sydney Democracy Forum seminar, Robin Banks spoke of the need for formal human rights protection to complete the democratic jigsaw.

08.03.07-PIAC Sub2 on Charter of Patient Rights

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care released a draft National Patient Charter of Rights in January 2008.


PIAC commends New Matilda on its work to develop a Federal Human Right Bill and on its campaign to seek community engagement with this process.

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